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A Living Database

AscenDB contains over seven million peaks, with summit stats and names estimated from publicly available elevation and geographic data. Official stats and names for well-known peaks are used where available and entered by hand. Incorrect or missing information is frequently fixed, and end-users are encouraged to report inaccuracies.


Flexible Parameters

& Filter

AscenDB provides an HTTP and multi-programming language API, with highly configurable parameters to most functions. Search for peaks by name and location, constrain to specific ranges of elevation, prominence, and other statistics, and get only the statistics that interest you. Discover random peaks worldwide and nearby, or ask for a list of specific peaks that interest you.

Unique Statistics

In addition to elevationprominencegeocentric distance and isolation estimates for every peak, AscenDB aims to eventually include exciting new omnidirectional relief and steepness estimates for every peak. New statistics are calculated every day, and estimates are cross-referenced with other available sources for accuracy.

Summit Scores

You've got the stats for the summits you've climbed. Now calculate your ranking on indexes that correspond to each statistic. The score functions provided by AscenDB are based on the h-index from academia, adapted for summit statistics. Global maximums for each score are updated frequently to reflect the living database.


'Everest' is not that peak's only name. AscenDB strives to catalog all official and popular names for peaks in multiple languages, in addition to culturally significant and historically important names. The API supports searching for peaks by name in all common Unicode scripts.

Low Cost

The AscenDB API provides free rate-limited access for small workloads. Unlimited access for enterprise use is currently available at $0.001/compute second for peak data, and $0.0009/compute second for score calculations. We are working to improve the stability of the pricing scheme by improving efficiency in the API.



Looking for a Climb?

Interactive Test Drive


Navigate to a spot on the map that interests you, then single-click the map to see up to 20 peaks within the vicinity of the viewport.

The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters
— Conrad Anker