AscenDB Release: peaks-1.3.0

It has now been several months since the last release, but at last there are new features ready to see the light of day. The most exciting of these is the addition of search polygons to supplement our existing search-by-area functionality. Users can specify a polygon as a list of geographic coordinates in the default search function, and receive back peaks that fall within the polygon’s boundary. This is highly useful for determining country, state, or county high points, prominence points, isolation points, and much more. As a caveat, AscenDB does expect the polygon points to be listed in counter-clockwise order, so make sure you specify the polygons correctly; otherwise, you’ll get back the exact opposite of the results you are expecting!

Additionally, AscenDB now includes both a field and filter for the concept of parent peak. While the database does not yet have many parent peaks specified, a few are already set in the database and will be part of the peak’s data set if the parent field is requested. The definition of parent peak that AscenDB will use is currently still under review.

That’s it for this major update to AscenDB’s peaks API. In the next release, we hope to focus on corrections to data estimates, adding more estimates for parent lineage and ORS, and the addition of a new API for mountain ranges!

See you at the summit!

Rob Kleffner